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November, 10, 2016


November, 10, 2016



June, 30, 2016

Tip and Sponsor Offers!

June, 30, 2016

Tip and Sponsor Offers!

Hi everyone! :)

As you might have noticed, my tip page have gotten a makeover! :)

Now you can buy individual videos and photo sets just by tipping! :D


June, 06, 2016

About Cosplay Deviants

June, 06, 2016

About Cosplay Deviants

As some of you may know, I previously modeled for Cosplay Devaints.

I largely enjoyed modeling for them and got to know some amazing people along the way. But I only have a limited amount of time and I wanted to focus on other endeavors, so I chose to tell the members of the site through a blog post a few months ago that I wouldn't be submitting any more sets to the site.

Since then, I have focused on my own work. A part of this has been expanding my solo site and including guest models.

My site is very different from the fine-art-nude site that is Cosplay Deviants. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Cosplay Deviants has been telling a model that she isn't allowed to make porn videos for my site! I thought it must be some kind of mistake, so I emailed the company to ask why they would consider my porn site competition. 

I got an answer pretty quickly. "It's not that your site is suddenly competition, we did get complaints about you suddenly featuring content with Cosplay Deviants models.", I've never had complaints about people having more places to see me naked, but there is a first time for everything. I was also directed to section of their FAQ where the following was stated: "Cosplay Deviants asks of its models to not appear on directly competing sites during their time as a Deviant.". They also wrote this to a model who sold content to me: "We aren't sure if you're aware, but Vicki's website is considered competition [...]

And let's take a closer look at this. The FAQ states the following: "A Direct Competitor is defined as a website that features costumes or cosplay in an adult nature that has a separate, paid members-only section. We do make exceptions. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis, and are given prior written consent from Cosplay Deviants." So, this would mean that their models are never allowed to do adult cosplay for any pay site that isn't Cosplay Deviants, unless they have written consent. Unfortunately I couldn't find any method for requesting written consent in the FAQ. It definitely doesn't follow the spirit of: "Our models are more than welcome, and encouraged to work for other sites." from the email I received. 

Of course Cosplay Deviants can choose to work with whomever they want, so if they don't want their models to work for me, they can refuse to buy content from them if they do. But why do they allow models to work for some sites and not others? 

By not allowing their models to work for certain sites that they deem "Direct Competitors", they are restricting models' careers. As a model, you need several sources of income to be able to get by, so it's unfortunate that Cosplay Deviants aren't more understanding of this.

As a model and a producer I want the people I work with to be as successful as possible. The more websites they appear on the more likely they are to attract people to my site. I want them to make money so they can keep making content for me. That means supporting their careers, not limiting them.



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